Our Awards


At DSLD Homes, we take pride in our commitment to quality, personal service, and an excellent homebuilding process. This has enabled us to rank among the Top 30 home builders in the nation and win awards on a national level. We are committed to providing great homes, at great prices, to great people!


Best work place 2016

DSLD Homes is voted Best Workplace for Millennials & Medium Size Companies in 2016

Says one millennial worker at this home builder, "I really respect the efforts of this company to keep employees happy. Every other company I have ever worked for has the mentality that 'I gave you this job so you should be grateful and never ask for anything'. They have completely missed the concept that happy workers make a happy company. It is tough to work for someone else's dream and even tougher to stay motivated. This company has really shined as being a place that takes care of the people who work for them. It also helps because it takes the idea of someone's dream and really makes it feel like everyone's dream-making it much easier to stay motivated and happy at work. Thanks for caring, DSLD!!! :)"

"I truly enjoy working for this company! I have never worked for a company that's so welcoming and genuine like DSLD and I couldn't be happier that DSLD gave me the chance to show my skills and accepted me into the construction field without any bias against my age or gender," according to another millennial.



2015 National Housing Quality Award GOLD Winner

DSLD Homes is now the 2015 GOLD Winner of the National Housing Quality Award which is the highest achievement for total quality management in the homebuilding industry.  This prestigious award is chosen by top industry leaders who analyze the processes and procedures of all the companies who meet their set criteria.  The examining team of judges for the NHQ Award noted that DSLD Homes is "obsessive about accurately measuring product quality;" they also praised DSLD Homes for "setting a new industry standard for employee benefits."  DSLD Homes is a company that value our employees, their time, and their opinion on how our company can improve.  "We don't call meetings where we can make everyone come and see us; eighty percent of the time we are out in the field so we can see them.  That puts into perspective that we're coming to see you and we value your time" says Saun Sullivan, CEO.  DSLD Homes CEO's regular encounters with superintendents, sales agents, and trades are not just for the sake of getting project updates, but gathering their perspectives on what our company is doing right and what we could do better. DSLD Homes wouldn't be where we are today without our amazing customers who not only buy one home from us, but refer their family, friends, and even purchase their 2nd and 3rd homes with us.  Sullivan says "We don't do a lot of marketing so referrals are everything to us.  If we don't get the referrals, then it really doesn't matter what the sales are."  DSLD Homes puts our customers first and we strive to keep them happy and excited through the entire homebuilding process.



2013 National Housing Quality Awards SILVER Winner

DSLD Homes is proud to be the SILVER Winner of the 2013 National Housing Quality Awards. This is one of the industry's most prestigious awards, and it recognizes quality management achievements and operational excellence in the residential construction industry.

It was noted that we track the performance of our trades on almost a daily basis, using review sheets placed at every jobsite. We also use an "even flow" construction model, ensuring all trades know where they are supposed to be and when. Lastly, it was noted we use photos, illustrations, and detailed instructions in our scopes to ensure that all homes are built correctly from the beginning. 


Highest Distinction in Customer Satisfaction

At an awards program during the International Builders Show in Orlando, FL, on February 7, DSLD Homes received the Builder Partnerships Achievement Award for "Highest Distinction in Customer Satisfaction." "The Builder Partnerships Achievement Award in customer satisfaction," says Monica Wheaton, CEO of Builder Partnerships, "recognizes those companies that have the ability to deliver what is most important to homebuyers-quality construction and a great buying experience. DSLD Homes certainly fits that bill."

To achieve this recognition, DSLD Homes had at least 93% of our homebuyers say they were willing to refer the company to friends or family. This is determined through a scientific survey of buyers done by Woodland, O'Brien & Scott, an industry leading customer satisfaction survey company that also helps builders improve their customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction is a leading indicator of the quality of a company. In order to achieve high levels of satisfaction, home builders must be able to deliver quality construction, great locations, appealing design, and an engaging customer buying experience.

DSLD Homes has built a culture of customer satisfaction that permeates the company. In addition, it has worked hard to build processes that encourage suppliers and trade contractors to support that effort, and the final beneficiary is the home buyer.


2011 Builder of the Yeartitle

DSLD Homes is honored to be awarded 2011 Builder of the Year by Professional Builder Magazine. Every year Professional Builder Magazine nationally recognizes a builder who has shown excellence in the new home building industry.
Our rapid success is due to our commitment to quality, personal service, and excellent building methods. Saun Sullivan, managing partner, stated, "Being named Builder of the Year is a great honor. We are extremely happy to win this award. DSLD Homes will continue to strive to make our customers happy and to build great houses, at great prices, for great people."